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Hi, I'm Rab, originally from Glasgow now living in Winchester.

My concept is to make Scottish single malt whisky accessible to all. For too long people have been droning on about distilling and tasting notes. Forget about connoisseurs and experts, just taste the whisky and make up your own mind. Whisky should be fun! We seem to have mastered wine, gin and even coffee, now for whisky.

The Bar

Let me bring the orange antlers and 20 Scottish single malt whiskies to your wedding, private party, corporate or other fun event from London to the South coast. I've divided the malts in to 4 areas of taste and cover all 6 of the main whisky producing areas. There will be a plan on the bar to help you choose. The whiskies range from 10yr old to 21yr old. To keep things simple I only have 3 mixers; natural highland spring water (my preferred choice), ice cubes (don't listen to the experts) or more whisky. There are even a couple of whisky cocktails if that's your thing! Please bear in mind this isn't meant to be a serious tasting event and the small pop up bar operates best alongside another fully operational bar as I only do whisky

The Barman

The kilted barman serving your drams and cocktails will be me! If I can help you choose I will, however the only guarantee is that I will be encouraging you to try some whisky. Lets get over the mystery and intrigue and start exploring. I am also looking to revive the Scottish tradition of a hauf an' a hauf. A dram of whisky drunk alongside a 1/2 pint of lager or beer chaser. With the number of excellent craft beers now being brewed it's the perfect opportunity to try and do your own pairing. Sláinte  (Cheers)!

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Whiskies may change subject to availability but the aim is always to have 20 different malts.

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