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pop up Whisky bar & tourspop up Whisky bar & tourspop up Whisky bar & tours

About Us


Hi I'm Rab, originally from Glasgow now based just outside London.

That's me at the Callanish standing stones on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. A magical place!

My concept is to bring some famous Scottish hospitality to London and surrounding areas. 

Whether it's the pop up whisky bar, a fun whisky tasting session or a guided walking tour there's sure to be a way for you to experience that Scottish spirit. 

Scottish culture is unique and can be found in all corners of the world, something I'm extremely passionate about and I'd love to share that with you in some small way!


Pop Up Bar

My mission is to make Scottish single malt whisky accessible to all. For too long whisky has had an image problem. If you think it's expensive, difficult to navigate and only 'an old mans drink' then think again!   

Forget about connoisseurs and experts, hire the bar, taste some whisky and make up your own mind. Let me bring the orange antlers and over 20 Scottish single malts to your wedding, private party, corporate or other fun event. 

The bar covers from London to the South coast and beyond. I've divided the malts in to 4 areas of taste and cover all 6 of the main whisky producing areas. There will be a plan on the bar to help you choose. There might even be a couple of bottles of rare whisky hiding under the bar. 

To keep things simple I only have 3 mixers; natural highland spring water (my preferred choice), ice cubes (don't listen to the experts) or more whisky. 

There are even a couple of whisky cocktails and craft Scottish gins if that's your thing! The bar also stocks a small selection of quality hand rolled Cuban and Honduran cigars that you can enjoy paired with your scotch.

Alongside the bar I also host fun informal whisky tasting events. Perfect for private parties and corporate events. For prices to hire the bar and tastings please see below. To book or enquire please complete the contact form below or email contact@the-spirit-of-scotland.co.uk Thanks.


Small Group Whisky Tours in London

No time to visit Scotland? No problem! Join an authentic Glaswegian on a journey to discover scotch right in the heart of London.

Great for corporate events, stag and hen parties or just a fun way to spend an evening. 

Please email contact@the-spirit-of-scotland.co.uk for details.  


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The Spirit Of Scotland

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